The workshops "From the painted chest" is a unique opportunity to meet the lively folk culture and awaken love for folklore!

We invite students of all types of schools (from preschoolers to high school graduates) to classes that will enhance the knowledge of ethnography, history and art of the Kujawy region.

Meetings are conducted by folk artists in the richly equipped Kujawy Tradition House of "Brewery B." Cultural Centre, what cooperates with folk costumes, music, dance and over 30-year history of "Kujawy" Song and Dance Ensemble.

We offer:

  • Painting kujawski designs on cards and bookmarks
  • Painting holiday cards
  • Making decorations of tissue paper (flowers) or cuttings (Santa Claus, colorful circles, Christmas trees)
  • Painting Christmas tree balls
  • Painting of wildflowers (poppies, cornflowers, camomiles)
  • Making greeting cards
  • Making Easter palms and Easter eggs
  • Adding "second life items" (renewal, recycling)
  • Try your hand at dying jobs (old craft)

All classes are interdisciplinary and interactive. After classes you can take souvenir photos with beautifully painted board (a couple standing in front of the hut, with cut holes on the faces, in traditional kujavian costumes).

Workshop duration: 60-90 min.

Workshop price (for groups of up to 25 people): 150,00 PLN gross, in the case of establishing long-term cooperation the price is negotiable.

All educational activities (workshops) take place after placing an order directly at the team's office. Orders should be submitted no later than two weeks before the scheduled date.

Detailed information:

Maciej Mielczarski - Head of Song and Dance Ensemble "Kujawy" CKBB

Phone: 54 427 02 52

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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